Modpacks are a perfect way to improve Minecraft gameplay. They are pre-configured configurations that often contain hundreds of mods and configuration files that enable you to play with a few buttons pressed. One of the easiest strategies for loading Modpacks in the ATLauncher.

All these single-player mode instances and multiplayer networks can be installed with it. Extra functionality is also offered, such as the possibility of adding/removing mods, customize packs, and more.


For the famous sandbox-game Minecraft, ATLauncher is a launcher that hosts hundreds of community-made modpacks. ATLauncher offers a simple way for modded Minecraft to operate without wanting to go through the trouble of the manual process of downloading each mod. Plays for players have developed all modpacks hosted inside the launchers, there seem to be no “official” packages made by the creators of the launcher.

Few modpacks are handled by huge teams, others are controlled by humans. There is a freely available collection of the larger modpacks, several necessitate a code to be played, and others are handled on a whitelist basis and thus are open to gamers on that whitelist.


How To Download Atlauncher & Install The Atlauncher?

Go to Atlauncher and download the ATLauncher Webpage to get started. Our connect should carry you to the Downloads page right away. Scroll to the bottom a little, and on Windows, Mac OS & Linux, you can obtain links to download for ATLauncher, pick your system. You would need to transfer this to a blank folder after you have downloaded the application for your Windows Os. The new directory on the Screen will be a suitable place for this. Open it as well and launch it to install ATLauncher until the file will be in the directory.

To open the ATLauncher whenever you need it, try clicking the application file throughout the folders you built. A lot of new additional Extra files will also be in this folder.

How to install any ATLauncher Modpack?

How to install some ATLauncher modpacks on your computer is discussed in this guide.

  • Make sure that you have to install the ATLauncher on your system. You should install it even if you wouldn’t, at
  • On your computers, open the ATLauncher and find the mod pack that you want to load.
  • For the mod pack you want to use, pick ‘Setup Server’.HOW TO DOWNLOAD ATLAUNCHER
  • Choose an edition of the modpack that you want to load (usually the latest version). This would conform to the edition of the modpack that you built on your computer system.HOW TO DOWNLOAD ATLAUNCHER
  • Choose any extra mods that you’d like to install. We suggest getting either “Select Recommended” or none if you’re uncertain. Select ‘Install’ after you have picked the modifications.HOW TO DOWNLOAD ATLAUNCHER
  • If you want to be completed installing the modpack documents to your computer, opening the directory where the ATLauncher is loaded on your pc, and then open the Servers folder. In this directory, locate and open the server folder that you have just built. You can now look at a folder holding all the documents in your atlauncher mudpacks.
  • Change its name from the file ‘forge-1.12.2-’ to ‘custom.jar’ (or similar titled).HOW TO DOWNLOAD ATLAUNCHER
  • Publish the directory’s files (not the directory on its own) via FTP to your server’s main folder. Using FileZilla, we suggest (FileZilla guide).HOW TO DOWNLOAD ATLAUNCHER
  • Setting your ‘Server Form’ on either the control panel here to Custom JAR selection, as shown in the picture below:HOW TO DOWNLOAD ATLAUNCHER
  • Activate your server and you’ll be all finished running your preferred ATLauncher modpack. Make sure that you run the same edition of the modpack on your device via ATLauncher to connect to the in-game.

How To Minecraft Account Added:

You would have to link your Minecraft profile to an ATLauncher before you could even load and play any Modpacks. By clicking the ‘Accounts’ located on the right-hand side of even the launcher, you can get there. In the Minecraft Launcher, type your Minecraft Login details, and save. The ATLauncher can be trusted to protect personal information. We can now begin loading and using modpacks with the account attached.

Installing Modpacks In Atlauncher:

  1. Now it will be time to get the first modpack installed. By clicking the ‘Packs’ button, located on the right side of its ATLauncher, you can search among them.
  2. And at top of the screen are several filters to browse through everything available sets.
  3. Should choose the ‘New Example’ option to add a single playing¬†mode, or the ‘Build Server’ button for multiplayer when you have found a package you like.
  4. You would also need to add instances for much the same modpack if you’re going to install a server.

Playing Atlauncher Modpacks:

You could always go forward with a Modpack loaded and start games it. For a single-player mode, here on the right-hand side of the page, click the Instances section. Pick your bundle and select the ‘Play’ button to load all the package mods and configuration files from Minecraft modpacks.

Similarly, to activate the Modpack servers, on the right-hand side including its ATLauncher, click the Servers link. To begin up a server, pick your pack and click the Launched button. You didn’t connect Vanilla Minecraft to this server. You’ll use the ATLauncher case.

Ram Increasing:

Modpacks are far more demanded than Minecraft Vanilla. There may be over 100 mods in certain packs, and it will also easily eat up your money and cause the game to slow. By raising the sum of RAM, the best way to solve this will be.

Throughout the ATLauncher, pick the Instances section and locate your package. To begin configuring the Modpack, click the Settings tab. Here, the amounts of RAM that you allocate to the modpack can be changed. The bigger, the stronger. Although you will first look at the settings of your device to see just how much RAM you can probably give to Minecraft.

How To Uninstall Atlauncher:

  1. Creates Windows Restores Stage (not available in Windows XP). If anything goes wrong, the Restore Point will allow you to undo modifications.
  2. To open the Regular Search Window, press the F3 key. Then enter in the search box ‘atlauncher.exe‘. Windows can identify all the copies in a few seconds when you are lucky.
  3. Try to find software that the atlauncher.exe method belongs to. Then try a normal way to delete the software.
  4. If the issue continues and you are unable to uninstall a file under this method, go over to the search engine results (step 2) and attempt and delete all the atlauncher.exe events manually.

ATLauncher, which includes 132 ModPacks for all of you to select among, is basic and quick for using Minecraft Launcher. We don’t really manufacture any of these packages at ATLauncher, which makes what we do really special. We are helping someone else get ModPacks out over there in the general public hands. If you have any questions comment below section.

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