Can Smoking Weed Everyday Cause Erectile Dysfunction in Men?

Marijuana, commonly known as Weed, is a recreational drug.

But can smoking weed ever cause Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

ED is the inability to get or hold erections in men or assigned males at birth (AMAB). Taking drugs like Weed and alcohol may worsen the symptoms of ED. In this article, we will discuss how Weed may threaten your erections. Also, we’ll find out if there are ways to limit the side effects of Weed on people with ED.

Can smoking Weed every day cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Yes. According to a study published on NCBI, using Weed daily affects one’s ability to get erections. Using Weed daily includes several health risks, and ED is one among them. People who take weed daily risk developing ED more than those who use it moderately. If you take Weed and experience erection troubles, consult a doctor.

What does Weed do to your body?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the principal psychoactive component of Weed. THC’s structure is similar to that of Anandamide, a chemical in the brain. This chemical works as a neurotransmitter and sends messages between the neurons. According to SAMHSA, THC affects the brain’s functioning and impacts one’s senses. Such sensations include concentration, pleasure, thinking, memory, movement, and sensory beliefs. Because it has the same structure as Anadamide, taking too much Weed may intensify these sensations. THC in marijuana (Weed) binds to neuronal Cannabinoid Receptors and activates them. This action may disrupt several physical and mental functions. By shifting attentional focus, THC interferes with one’s ability to perform daily tasks.

As a result, using Weed every day impairs thinking and affects your sexual performance.

How does Weed weaken your erections?

A person who smokes Weed is at a higher risk of developing ED. This effect further gets intensified when you take Weed with tobacco. Let’s understand the work behind this effect. Smoking Weed or tobacco restricts the blood flow to the veins and arteries. Smooth muscle tissues in the penis contain Cannabinoid Receptors. This enables THC in Weed to impair the penile function, leading to ED symptoms.  According to NIDA, using Weed promotes drowsiness and slows your reaction time.

This factor is a significant cause of low libido in individuals. Also, research shows that men who use Weed often may have trouble getting an orgasm.  If you have trouble getting an erection often, talk to your doctor about medicines like Viagra that help with ED.

Can Weed interact with other medicines?

Like most drugs and medicines, Weed may interact with other medicines. Studies indicate that THC in Weed may modify the working of the enzymes in your body. Taking Cenforce 150 may inhibit the effectiveness of medicines you might be taking. This action makes it more likely that drugs will interact with each other.

Some common drug interactions with Weed include:

  • Antidepressants like Sertraline
  • Blood thinners like Warfarin
  • Breast cancer medicines like Tamoxifen
  • Painkillers like Tylenol and Ibuprofen
  • Sleeping pills like Lorazepam

You should tell your doctor if you take other medicines while using Weed.


Smoking Weed often is harmful and increases your risk of several medical illnesses. People who use Weed daily are more likely to develop ED symptoms. For that Cenforce 100 treatment is used for erectile dysfunction Weed in moderation can reduce this danger. Talk to your doctor to discuss the optimal quantity of Weed to reduce ED risk.

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