Cargo Van vs. Pickup Truck: Which Offers the Best Value for Your Money

Cargo Van vs. Pickup Truck: Which Offers the Best Value for Your Money?

The high demand for cars gave enormous scope for the development of the automobile industry, which, in turn, introduced millions of cars of various sizes and specifications to the market. Among them, you will find very similar in purpose and application – these are cargo vans and pickup trucks. 

Yes, both types of vehicles have perfect moving and hauling capabilities. In addition, each features certain seating options to carry passengers. Still, as they say, the devil is in the details. Therefore, these cars have fundamental differences if you dig deeper. 

Do you want to make the right choice between the two? Let’s look at the advantages of a cargo van and a pickup truck, make a direct cost comparison, and find which one provides the best value for money for different situations. Keep reading! 

Cargo van advantages 

As the name suggests, these vehicles are designed to carry cargo, and they do this job very well. However, vans also have more specific benefits compared to pickup trucks. Check them out below! 

  • Large payload capacity. A typical cargo van features a payload capacity of between 1,500 and 4,000 pounds. This is approximately 80% more than the maximum weight (up to 2,200 pounds) that the pickup can carry. 
  • Outstanding loading flexibility. You enjoy 230 to 330 cubic feet of cargo space in a van. This allows you to accommodate bulky items such as a refrigerator. Yes, you’ll probably need to open the tailgate to fit a refrigerator into a pickup truck’s cargo bed, which can only offer 6-8 feet in length. Plus, if the item is tall enough, the truck-bed cover seriously limits placement options. 
  • Enclosed cargo compartment. The main advantage of the van is the cargo space, which is completely protected from external influences. First, you can even transport a sofa or clothes in any weather without the risk of getting wet. Second, its one-piece enclosed space provides theft protection for the cargo inside. You can even leave the furniture inside while the house is being renovated, and not be afraid that something will happen to it. 
  • Internal space organization. If your job or hobby involves transporting a large assortment of specific items that need to be sorted, a van is the best solution. You can build convenient storage boxes, shelves, and drawers in the cargo compartment to streamline transportation and use the internal space more efficiently. 
  • Price. After comparing the market prices of competitors, you will find that the van is cheaper with a similar load capacity in mind. Therefore, whether you buy or rent a van in the USA, you get a lower budget rate. Yes, such cars are in great demand in the car rental industry. How much is to rent a cargo van? It will cost you $25-90 per day depending on location, size, make, model, and other important parameters.
  • Fuel efficiency. Automakers typically install low-power engines in cargo vans, and this has a positive effect on fuel efficiency. Models such as the Ford Transit or Mercedes Sprinter achieve 30-40 MPG in mixed driving mode.

Pickup truck advantages 

You probably know that cars of this type are enjoying great popularity in America and the world. And there are good reasons for this. Consider their benefits over the cargo vans. 

  • Impressive motor power. Typically, you will find pickups with different engines, but the weakest are the 2.5-3-liter V4s. In opposition, the most powerful units installed are 5-6-liter V8 monsters. As a result, this gives the vehicle a high towing capacity. Unfortunately, fuel efficiency may drop to 18 MPG in mixed city/highway driving mode in this case. 
  • One-minute loading/unloading of cargo. With the open cargo bed, expect to load your desired item much faster due to easy access from 3 sides. The heavy-duty models offer up to 90 cubic feet of space you can manage in the most efficient way. 
  • Perfect cross-country ability. Based on SUVs, pickups often have a frame structure with a special suspension that increases the vehicle’s stability. Plus, increased ground clearance, 4×4 drive, and various stiffness settings allow you to choose the optimal driving mode for paved/unpaved road surfaces. 
  • Comfortable passenger space. You have 5 passenger seats arranged in 2 rows in a crew cab pickup. This is very convenient if you are traveling or organizing a move with your family. 
  • A practical solution for everyday driving. Unlike a cargo van, a pickup truck is a perfect vehicle for daily use. It offers plenty of space for weekly shopping and has outstanding washability, especially the plastic cargo bed. So, whether you’re a camper, a construction worker, or even a manager, cruising in this vehicle will be practical and easy.

Cargo Van vs. Pickup Truck: Which Offers the Best Value for Your Money

Cargo van vs. Pickup truck – make the final choice! 

Oh, you have to take off all the masks and determine what you really need. Although the two can carry cargo and are very similar in purpose, their natures are absolutely different. 

A cargo van shows its strengths in regular transportation purposes, that is, if it’s part of your job or business. Also, it wins in situations where you want to transport cargo from place to place and it needs to remain safe and dry. 

And what about the pickup truck? In short, this is a multi-tasking vehicle for light transport needs and everyday use. Yes, you can transport a sofa or building materials on it, but the maximum permissible weight will be no more than a ton, even for a heavy-duty model. The good news is that you can rent both in the USA. However, no matter what type of vehicle you prefer, plan your cargo tasks and organize your interior space for greater efficiency!

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