Coast Tradelines Employee Benefits and Perks

Coast Tradelines Employee Benefits and Perks

Coast Tradelines is a global logistics company based in the United States. The company has been around since 1912, and it’s one of the largest transportation companies in North America. They move millions of packages per day, and they even have their own fleet of trucks. Since Coast Tradelines’ business revolves around moving freight across borders and continents, it makes sense that they offer some great benefits to their employees as well!

Health Insurance (50% Paid)

You may be eligible for Coast Tradelines’ health insurance plan, which will pay 50% of the employee’s premium. This is a great option because it can help make up for some of your income loss during recovery efforts.

The company offers a wide variety of plans that vary in cost and benefits. Some options include:

  • A high-deductible plan (HDHP) with an annual deductible between $1,000 and $3,000;
  • A low-deductible HRA (HDHR) with an annual deductible between $500-$2,500;
  • An HDHP with an annual out-of-pocket maximum of $6,450 per year; and/or
  • An HDHR with an annual out-of-pocket maximum of $4,950 per year

Flexible Spending Account

A flexible spending account (FSA) is a tax-advantaged savings vehicle that allows you to set aside pre-tax funds for certain medical expenses. You can contribute as much or as little as you want, but the maximum annual contribution limit is $2,500 per year. This amount is applied to your pre-tax paycheck, so it’s available immediately when you need it—and all contributions will be added together in order to reach the maximum allowed annual contribution amount.

Flexible Spending Accounts come in two flavors: Archery and Traditional. Archery accounts are designed specifically for employees who work in the healthcare industry; they allow them to save money on their medical bills without having any impact on their take-home pay or Social Security benefits because these funds aren’t taxed until they’re withdrawn from an FSA account (which occurs after retirement age).

Traditional Flexible Spending Accounts are designed for anyone who wants flexibility in making weekly/monthly payments toward qualified medical expenses; this type of plan allows employees who don’t need immediate access to cash from their FSA account at all times during normal business hours (for example, if someone leaves town unexpectedly) when those individuals would otherwise lack coverage due lack of insurance coverage through employers

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

A Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (DCFSA) is an account that allows you to set aside pre-tax dollars for child-rearing or elder care. It works much like a traditional health savings account, except that it can be used for things like daycare, medical expenses and prescription drugs.

To sign up for one of these accounts:

  • Fill out the form on our website at
  • Print the confirmation page from step 1 (you’ll need this when you go in to pick up your card).

Health Savings Account (HSA)

In addition to the usual benefits, Coast Tradelines offers a Health Savings Account (HSA) plan. This is an account that you can use to pay for health care expenses, including prescription drugs. The HSA is funded with pre-tax dollars and can be used after retirement, too!

You can contribute to your HSA through payroll deductions or through the company. If you choose not to contribute, Coast Tradelines will automatically deduct $20 from each paycheck and deposit it into your account.

Vision Insurance

Coast Tradelines offers vision insurance for employees and their dependents up to age 18.

Coast Tradelines is proud to offer vision insurance for all employees, including their dependents. This coverage provides you with the freedom to see your eye doctor of choice, no matter where you work or live. You can even visit your doctor when you are traveling outside the U.S.!

Dental Insurance

Coast Tradelines offers a dental insurance plan through a third party provider. The company provides this coverage to employees, spouses and dependents (under age 26) at no cost.

Coast Tradelines’ dental insurance is available through Blue Cross Blue Shield of California, which means that you may be able to receive treatment even if you are not eligible for Medicare or Medicaid coverage. It also covers preventive care such as cleanings, fillings and extractions so that you don’t have to pay for those services out of pocket when they’re needed most—and it’s important not only for your health but also because these treatments can save time down the road!

Retirement Plan (100% match up to the first 6%)

The company’s 401(k) plan is 100% match up to the first 6% of the salary, which is a good benefit. This isn’t common for companies of this size and you can contribute up to $18,500 per year.

The company offers a good maternity leave policy, which is 12 weeks of paid time off. This is a bit longer than the national average but not as long as some companies offer.

Life Insurance/Disability

Coast Tradelines offers a generous amount of life insurance, as well as disability and long-term care insurance.

Coast Tradelines offers term life insurance for employees who are under the age of 50. The minimum benefit amount is $25,000 and the maximum benefit amount is $250,000.

Coast Tradelines also provides permanent disability benefits to eligible employees who work more than 20 years at their company; specific benefits vary depending on your job title and years worked at Coast Tradelines (e.g., salary replacement medical care up to 30% of your salary).

Paid Time Off

You are eligible to receive up to 18 days of paid time off (PTO) per year. This can be used for personal reasons or for vacation, depending on your situation.

If you choose to use PTO, it will be calculated based on how many hours you worked during the previous calendar year and whether or not it applies toward annual leave credits. If your employer gives credit towards annual leave, then PTO usage would count as one hour of annual leave per hour used from their policy; otherwise, it’s just another day of paid time off that isn’t counted as part of annual leave credits but still counts toward your total number available each year.

If there are no unused days left in the bank after using all of them at once (for example if maybe you took three weeks off), then those remaining unused days won’t roll over into next year–but they will still count toward future years’ totals if needed!

Work From Home

Coast Tradelines allows employees to work from home on a case-by-case basis. Employees can request that they be allowed to work from home as part of their normal shift, but only if it is for the purpose of completing an assignment for the company. If this request is approved, you will be required to provide a doctor’s note stating that your health and well-being would benefit from working from home.

There are two exceptions: if an employee has been diagnosed with clinical depression or anxiety disorder; or when there is documented evidence that working from home will cause them significant stress or emotional exhaustion (for example: having suicidal thoughts).

Coast Tradelines offers a lot of standard benefits for a company of its size and industry. The 401k match is a great addition, which is not common for companies of this size.

If you have worked for Coast Tradelines for at least two years, you are eligible for a 401k match. The company matches 50% of your first 3% of your salary up to 6% of your salary, up to a maximum contribution of $2200 per year (this is taken out of each paycheck).

Coast Tradelines reviews also provide insurance options including short term disability and long term disability, life insurance, medical coverage (including vision care), dental coverage and more.

Additionally, Coast Tradelines offers other industry standard benefits like paid vacation days and sick days; maternity leave; bereavement leave; company-paid health club membership or gym membership reimbursement after 30 days; flexible work schedules; discounts on products and services from select businesses around town as well as discounts through local businesses’ websites


There are a lot of benefits at Coast Tradelines that you’re probably not aware of and we hope this article helps you understand them better. As an employee, there are a lot of perks to have here. Not only can you get a good salary but also plenty of time off, flexible spending accounts for healthcare expenses and many other benefits in your home office work environment.

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