Difference between Google Nest Hub Max and Google Nest Hub

Difference between Google Nest Hub Max and Google Nest Hub?

Google’s smart display includes a Nest Hub Max, a second-generation standard Nest Hub Plus. Which are better options to get a Nest Hub X versus an Android Nest Hub? The display looks quite similar at first glance. The Nest Hub Max has a similar overall design to its small sister, which is covered in a cloth speaker and has similar colour options. The Max includes surprisingly advanced hardware, however, notably a camera and a larger ten-inch touchscreen. Combining the above improvements opens the way to smart screen technologies.

What’s the difference between Nest Hub Max?

Both the Google Nest Hub and the Google Nest Hub Max offer a similar interface and almost identical functionality. It includes Google Assistant with the full benefits and access to YouTube, Smart Home Control and Chromecast. Although they may be similar in appearance, the devices differ. Tell me the difference between them.

Google Nest Hub Max adds a camera, privacy concerns and more

Enter the Google Nest Hub Max. Available for $229 (£ 219, AU$ 339 ), or $100 more over the initial cost in the brief days when the service is unavailable. Nest hub Max can be bigger than anyone needs or desires on their smartphone. The device also has an image recognition camera that many people do not need anymore. And although a camera is turned off you cannot cover it completely with a physical shutter, the same goes for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus, Sony’s smartphone and the Apple TV.

The advantages of having a camera

One of its major advantages is that it comes with an integrated 6.5-megapixel camera. Nest Hub does not offer cameras. The camera can be used to perform the most common tasks such as Google’s video call, as well as security purposes. It’s a top level camera on the display. The Nest Hub Max has an embedded Nest cam and offers many features similar to the Nest camera IQ. These alarms include intrusion detection, detection and warning. You can see what is going on at your nest hub Max. You can also make it notify you whenever motion detects. Nest Hub Max cameras have sensors that detect ambient light.

Utterly shutterless

Like the original Nest Hub Max, there is an auto shutdown switch on top of the display to disable the mic. Interestingly enough, it also disables cameras. When using the camera when you are not using the microphone it requires tapping on the keyboard or tapping a hotkey in the control menu. I just wish Google would sell this shutter on its own. Its absence makes for a jarring shift from devices with no camera in them to those where face-tracking cameras have become the focal point of the device — particularly those that can be ignored even though they are still there.

Google Nest Hub Max: Face Matching

Face-Match is an amazing bonus that allows for better personalisation of the experience. Once you have set up your Nest Hub Max to detect your facial features it will show you only the information related to you. This includes message scheduling reminders, music recommendations, etc. It also recognizes certain gestures as commanding actions. If you watch a video you can hold your hand up this can trigger a pause. This can help in situations in which Nest Hub Max cannot hear your commands from you. Nevertheless, it is very easy to disable Face Match.

Google Nest Hub Max Design

If you have already watched Google Nest Hub, you have actually seen Google Nest Hub Max in its smaller version. Available in chalk or charcoal, these plug-in displays are connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and provide you with good flexibility. This tablet has a screen size of 9.84 inches wide and 7.19 inches high, hence Nest’s decision to increase it by 10 inches to make it the biggest display in its class. This Hub is perfect for watching TV, video chats, or whatever else requires screens. We can discuss the screen itself.

Nest Hub (2nd Gen) vs. Nest Hub Max: Nest integration

The Nest Hub Max is separated from the Nest cam and Nest Hub does not have any cameras. The 5.5-megapixel camera has a viewing angle of 129 mm and has similar features to Nest cam IQ. These services include alarming intruders if your subscriber Nest Aware is not getting good night vision. Instead, you should continue using traditional Nest cams as your security measures. In addition, Google’s camera included many new features. One of those functions is Face Match which supports up to 6 people at once.

Google Nest Hub Max: Google Duo

If you are doing video calling in Google Duo you get a nice front camera. That also means it will zoom in or pan while you talk and will do so automatically, putting you at the heart of an overall frame. This feature will help your family stay in a place where no one knows when to talk to them and keep it from happening. Since Google has no camera this device can not send you an audio signal during a phone call but can receive the data. This gadget allows you for a hands-free phone call.

Google Nest Hub and Google Nest Hub Max: Design

Google NestHubs and Google NestHub Max are indistinguishably related in many ways. The biggest differences were their sizes. Both devices are made up of white glass and have white curved screens which give illusions of floating over speaker surfaces. Nest Hub Max has a bigger capacity than Nest Hub. The volume control on the back of each device appears and the microphone is on and off on the top portion of the back. It also turns off the cameras in the Nest Hub Max. The Nest Hub lacks cameras.

Google Nest Hub Max doubles as a security camera

The key features of a Nest Camera can be easily controlled using the Nest Hub Max smartphone. Similar to the Nest Cam (above), you have the ability to see the event’s history. Max is compatible in addition to Nests Aware subscription services that offer a full-featured recording of continuous videos and other features. Without the camera, the standard Nest Hub is not capable of tracking security. What smart security cameras do you have to look into?

Size Specifications

Nest Hub Max 9.85×7.57×3.99 Nest Hub 7.85×4.7 in. The size provides some advantages the most significant one being the more visual experiences.

Generally speaking, large screens are better. Add an increased display resolution to the image, and the picture becomes clearer and larger. The larger the size, the larger its footprint. The Nest Hub Max can be mounted to any kitchen counter in the bedroom so that there is plenty of storage available.

Google Nest Hub Max supports Google Duo and Zoom video calling

The Nest Hub Max 125-degree camera allows video calling via Duo and Zoom. The Duo even has automatic framing which makes it easier to move around rooms.

There are several ways of wandering and staying in your frame that is useful in places like the kitchen. This second-generation NestHub has no cameras just as its direct predecessor does. The telephone number is strictly for spoken communication. More: Top smart monitors for smart devices.

The user experience

The Nest Max is comfortable and easy to use thanks to a similar Google Assistant feature as it does the Nest Hub. We’ve been very happy with this operating system. Currently, it offers personalized Face Match alerts, gesture controls, video calling capabilities, and Nest Cam. Google still runs better on smart displays compared to Amazon.


Privacy in Google products is the undercurrent for those devices with cameras or microphones. The company has been the subject of many privacy scandals during its heyday. I am pleased to share with you some enhancements to Google Nest Hub Max.

Whenever a person calls the Assistant for support their voice will be recorded. However, after recent updates, it is still possible to delete the recording. The camera feature will automatically turn green on the camera if you send the video to Google.

Video chat

I love snuggling up to sleep while focusing on the TV and movies. It is a 10-inch screen that is very practical and comfortable. Is the option of streaming videos really a good thing?

The default video conversation option is Google Hangouts, which I use daily at work. I like Google’s Hangout feature because the Hangout can be created instantly for every Google Calendar event making conferencing easy. I like the screen showing who speaks without any action required.


Shopping can give you some tips. It’s clear that Amazon is the largest online marketplace for buying goods. Google’s biggest competitor is Amazon and therefore it’ll be no surprise if Google Nest Hub Max has no Amazon action. It is better to stop using Google Express. Google’s Nest Hub max allows you to create lists, browse stores, and even receive samples from your home.

Google Nest Hub Max: A closer look at Google’s bigger smart display

The gesture controls that let the user raise his hand to stop play were reliable at close range and the success rate declined after I moved more than six feet away.

However, if you’re using the Nest Hub Max when the music is playing loud and you’re not going to interrupt them, you may need the device. Also useful is the Auto-Tracking technology to track caller movements.

Its lens at 127° makes it quite useful here as it allows a large viewing distance to allow ample space to wander without leaving your frame.

A sound experience that’s a bit closer to the Nest Audio experience

Although the Nest Hub’s audio quality is not particularly impressive, it still does sound bad. Nest Hub Max packs dual 18 mm tweeters with a 75 mm woofer. The audio quality is comparable to the Nest Audio, making it very good to use on audiobooks, podcasts, and other media. Also: Top music streaming providers in the world!


What is the difference between Google hub and Max?

Nest Hub Max is the same size and overall design as its smaller sister, with an upholstered microphone. Nevertheless, Max includes significant improvements, including the use of a larger 10-inch screen and a stronger microphone.

On Google Nest Hub there is one speaker with a 40-mm driver. On the Google Nest Hub Max, there will be bigger and better speakers, with 2 18-mm tweeters with 75-mm speakers and better bass output. If you listen at a larger distance the Hub might actually be great.

Is Nest Hub Max worth it?

The Google Nest Hub Max is a surprisingly inexpensive and smart device that costs $299 but is also the best. It offers excellent sound, huge screens and many extras – something which its rivals are not. You can use Nest Hub (second-generation Google Nest Hub) for video calls and video chats.

What is the point of Google Nest Hub Max?

Nest Hub Max is designed to make people feel at home. You may send or receive video messages from Duo. You don’t need a smartphone to talk. Google Photos shows your newest pictures in real-time so you can always see family.

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