How to Choose the Best Field Workforce Management Software in 2024?

Field service organizations cannot deal with paper-based processes. 

Why? Because it leads to slow information processing, data entry errors, limited employee tracking, etc. Due to these issues, almost 48% of organizations are using field workforce management software. 

The system aligns well with all the modern needs of field organizations and helps them address the issues stated above. Want to choose the best field workforce management software? Here are some essentials that you need to take care of. But, before that, let’s learn in-depth about field workforce management software. Now, let’s dive straight into the post. 

What is Field Workforce Management Software?

Field workforce management software aids companies in managing and monitoring field executives, resources, and operations. It automates the entire task from field employee task allocation and expense management to order placement and attendance marking. Having this software in place helps field organization with:

  • Shift scheduling
  • Accurate employee tracking
  • Fast invoicing
  • Task planning
  • Order tracking
  • Work status monitoring 

And other things that could simplify field employee management. 

Due to these capabilities, field workforce management software has been gaining a huge momentum. 

How to Choose the Best Field Workforce Management Software in 2024?

Choosing the right field workforce monitoring software will help propel your executives to reach new heights. They will be able to make the most of automation which ultimately leads to improved workforce productivity. Here is how you can enable remote workforce management software for your field service business. 

1. One that matches your business niche

There are various field service management software available. Some may cater to your business needs, while some not. So, choose the one that fits your business nature. Imagine, you are operating a field company where the expertise of your field executives is plumbing, carpentry, and electronics. You will require efficient task management software that offers a smooth shift scheduling functionality. 

However, if you end up buying order management software, it would be of no use. Because your business does not take any product orders but provides services.  

2. Decide whether you need white-label or customized software

Businesses have options to choose from white-label or customized software. Both are different in terms of their services and problem-solving aspects. Emphasize your use case before finalizing the software. 

For instance, if you have a very unique use case, you must go for tailored-made or customized software. As they are developed from scratch to meet specific business requirements. However, the white-label solution is built with limited features. That means they may not serve the purpose of different businesses. Based on your requirements, you can select between the two. 

3. Look for Tools

Tools inside a field workforce management software play a crucial part in streamlining field operations. Whether you want a limited or extended number of tools, depends on your needs. You can check the list of tools on the software web page. However, here is a checklist you must ensure while hunting for the software.

  • Attendance and leave management software to get accurate employees’ whereabouts and their leave balance.
  • Task management tool for ad-hoc task allocation to field executives.
  • Order management system to ensure seamless order processing with some taps.
  • Expense management software for streamlining reimbursement requests and acknowledgment.

It is hard to find each tool in one single platform. But, guess what? TrackoField’s employee monitoring software offers everything at a one-stop destination and helps organizations manage their field operations seamlessly. 

4. Explore features and functionalities

Each tool has some features and functionalities that redefine the processes and make them entirely automated and clutter-free. Here is a list of all the features that you must look for: 

  • Dynamic distance calculator
  • Take and track orders on the go
  • Custom discounts and pricing
  • Geo-coded attendance marking
  • Real-time task status update
  • Automatic travel expense calculation
  • And a lot more. 


5. Test both the desktop and mobile versions

While the desktop versions of the software are available for field managers, mobile versions are used by executives. And you must acknowledge the performance of respective platforms. So, test them in terms of user interface, accessibility, and navigation while enrolling for a free version. Provide your consent only when you are satisfied with their performance metrics. 

6. Look for implementation support

Choose the vendor that provides substantial implementation support. So, you don’t need to invest extra effort, energy, and cost to get the job done. 

With these tips, you can choose the field workforce management software that goes well with your business processes. 

To Sum it Up!

As the challenges in the traditional field force management are increasing, so is the reliance on workforce management software. They come in handy for all field business operations. Moreover, the software can work even with low internet connectivity. That means you can ensure that the processes run smoothly and no employee is left behind. 

If you are looking to test one such software, request a free demo at TrackoField. The field employee monitoring software of TrackoField consists of all tools that will streamline your field business processes. Moreover, you will embark on a journey towards automation with the software capabilities. Thus, staying ahead of the curve. 

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