Farm-to-Table Feasts: Denver’s Restaurants Embracing Local Ingredients

Farms and ranches cover about half of Colorado’s land area, providing locals with fresh, organic food year-round. Fertile soil and developed agriculture have made the state’s cuisine unique. The epicenter of gastronomic delights is Denver. 

Besides traditional American cuisine, you can find dishes from the entire continent. It is a pleasure to taste original combinations of local ingredients. Below, you will find the best Denver restaurants supporting local farmers that will make your taste buds tingle with delight!


The strange name of this sustainable dining is the combination of the words salad and pizza. So, these dishes are the key ones in the restaurant. The main establishment feature is care for the health and the environment. You can notice it at every step – from the natural ingredients of meals to the recycling of household appliances, decor, and tableware.

Owner Jeff Rogoff combines culinary talent with the art of serving. He knows well how to delight guests with seasonal dishes all year round! The meats, fruits, and vegetables are organic and raised on Colorado farms. Food waste is used to make environmentally friendly fertilizers.

Try out Berkshire Pepperoni, Primo, or Verdi. If you aren’t a cheese fan, ask to substitute the legendary vegan cashew sauce. You can choose more and less spicy versions. Sazza has delicious, unique dessert pizzas. Also, focus on traditional seasonal salads. Highlights include freshly squeezed fruit lemonades and signature cocktails with Colorado-made alcohol.

Apple Blossom

Apple Blossom is a renowned restaurant supporting Denver’s culinary farm connections. You can find it at the Hyatt Centric Downtown. Despite its hotel location, the spacious dining room offers privacy to enjoy its sumptuous menu. The cuisine focuses on Colorado produce and traditions. But it also goes beyond that to showcase flavors from other states.

On the menu, you can find simple dishes like ham fusilli or fried potatoes with mushrooms. But they are interspersed with gourmet Rocky Mountain trout and mouth-watering oysters. You should pay particular attention to desserts such as:

  • fresh cookies with ice cream,
  • and pannacotta. 

Savour them with fresh juice or aromatic coffee.

Check out happy hours at Apple Blossom, which happens twice per day! Consider renting a car to taste the flavors of Denver’s cuisine and have time to return to your favorite spots for another meal. Start your gastronomic tour in comfort using the services of car rental Denver Airport. Look for the best option among Routes offers to save on transport without losing quality. Routes rental options can satisfy any of your requests, thanks to an extensive selection of proven cars – hurry to see for yourself.


More than 15 years have passed since the opening of this original Denver farm-to-table dining. During this time, Fruition managed to become a culinary star in Denver. Thanks to the farm-to-table concept, city dwellers can become closer to the farming culture. It is essential to appreciate the difficult work of agriculture. A gem of modern American cuisine combines traditional recipes with bold innovations. The seasonal menu features a delicious combination of simple and intricate ingredients:

  • root crops and vegetables,
  • black truffles,
  • octopuses,
  • prosciutto,
  • organic spices.

Traditional dishes include gazpacho with Colorado cantaloupe and lamb tartare. You can quench your thirst with excellent aged wine, craft beer, or a custom cocktail. Fruition’s interior has a homely feel, with rough-hewn furniture and simple still lifes. The staff is passionate about what they do and is glad to help you choose the best farm-fresh meals in Denver.

Root Down

Cozy Root Down is one of Denver’s best restaurants supporting local farmers. The establishment is in a former gas station on Highlands, and every gourmet in the city knows the way there. Although many establishments have opened nearby recently, there is no talk of competition. The unique interior design with soft neon lighting creates a magical atmosphere.

The farm-to-table concept blossoms in new colors at Root Down! The menu is vegetarian (yes, even the juicy burgers). The restaurant’s owners have built their creations on:

  • warm service,
  • and continental meals prepared with love.

The variety of the menu is fascinating. Especially considering the exclusive plant origin of most of the dishes. Pay attention to:

  • amazing plant-based burgers with jalapenos,
  • Brussels sprouts salad (it is much tastier than it seems at first glance),
  • sweet corn risotto,
  • local inventive cocktails,
  • miso caramel custard (a dessert with peaches and toasted oat rumble).


Denver’s cuisine is one of the most vibrant and diverse in the country. Local ingredients in Denver restaurants allow the creation of delicious yet balanced dishes. The establishments described above are bright examples of the farm-to-table concept. They are surprising with harmonious combinations of tastes and aromas every season. 

But this is just the beginning of your food tour that will make you fall in love with Colorado cuisine! Explore Denver’s iconic restaurants with the USA‘s car rental services to add new establishments to your top list!

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