Thrilling Sports Activities to Try in Alicante

Travelling to Costa Blanca? It’s time to try new outdoors and spend time actively! You don’t have to be a sportsman to have fun with jet skiing or go-carting. Sports are also good things to do because they bring the same amount of adrenaline and excitement as roller coasters in theme parks. Tourists prefer Alicante outdoor adventures not less than beaches or museums, so you are welcome to insert them into the plan without any doubt. This article will help to choose and understand, what exactly will be great for you. But don’t forget about contraindications and consult with your doctor beforehand.


Take a romantic adventure above the sea waves near Benidorm with your lover and enjoy the fresh air away from the shore. Tandem parasailing is a water activity, but you are supposed to feel the flying sensation while the boat takes you afield. Sit comfortably in a parachute-like canopy and lift when the speedboat accelerates. In a couple of minutes, you will be levitating in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. This experience shows the beauty of Alicante, the panoramic views and the natural atmosphere around. Consider the services to start the journey smoothly and pleasantly from the very beginning even in the trip routine. 

The duration is varied, but usually, it’s an hour. An operator may offer a special option to take photos or videos so that you can leave the phone on the ground. The minimum charge is $33 per person. 


One of the famous Alicante adventure sports – canyoning takes a special place because it combines several activities, including hiking, climbing, swimming, and rappelling. This is for true adventurers: explore pristine nature with your own hands and take a lot of pumping adrenaline moments.

Alicante is rich in places to go through with this activity, for example, Estret de les Penyes or Barranco in Bolulla. Just imagine seeing the mountain walls close, watching waterfalls or swimming in untouched places, not available for wide public usage. This is not easy to reach, at first, but instructors always keep an eye on travellers and help them in any situation. This process totally increases environmental consciousness and costs up to $40. Be ready, that desire to come back someday and try again may appear immediately.


Caving is not the last place among thrilling activities in Alicante. Cave exploration will be a fruitful activity, but not for all. It’s not advised for pregnant women and people who are suffering from claustrophobia or vertigo. One more criterion for participants is to swim confidently. Otherwise, hidden gems would be unreachable. Once you see the fantastic rock formations, the desire to move on becomes stronger. The original Neolithic site that frequently shows up in Spanish museums is one of the most valuable takes the original in a cave, located in Bocairent.

How to get there

Come to the Cueva de Larsa after an appointment with the responsible person to specify if you need a transfer or not. Maybe you plan to visit other spots, close to these locations, or take a picnic in a picturesque place. 9-seater car hire services Alicante supplies tourists with vehicles, suitable for flexible transportation. Transfer to Bocairent costs €10, but that’s not a budget option as long as you need to pay every time to go anywhere.

Alicante Airport transportation is expensed too and includes several extra costs. Why overpay and waste precious vacation time, if Alicante minivan hire has all the facilities to be in control of where and when to set off? Consider options with minibus hire Alicante airport and get an auto for an affordable cost. Choose the available location and car model to make a booking, there’s a plenty of variants. Enjoy the freedom, spend less!


If you are really into playing with height, there is a perfect option! And no, it’s not a parachute jump. Enjoy a free flight using a personal lightweight paragliding wing and a comfortable seat to fix the position. Concentrate on the ambience without any bothering or fear. Also, count that price depends on the duration and video not included in it.

Though it’s not the same as hang gliding, this experience leaves everyone speechless. This sport is supposed person to manage the flight with the top part of the body, while paragliding doesn’t need any special skills because the flight is slower.

Set off in Parapente Factory in Santa Pola, chill and trust the process: winds blow in the right direction and carry passengers above the Alicante coast, washed by shining warm waves of the sea. This picture is never like something you have seen before.

Bungee Jumping

Extreme sports in Alicante start in Villena, where the last nerve cell clunches down from the 30-metre-high bridge together with its owner. Aren’t you freaked out after this fact? If not, don’t be at all – the jump height is 15m only and the monitors are qualified specialists, they provide safety in all aspects and start working with guests when the booking is confirmed. As a family-friendly activity bungee jumping works only if a child is 16 and has written permission from their parents. 

You will be asked about the desired extreme level. It may be a leap into the void with a special elastic rope that doesn’t feel on the skin and moves in the air smoothly. Or choose a jump that has a culminating imitation of a giant swing.

Quad biking

Join the 2-hour tour from Benidorm to Abir, Altea, and Alfas del Pi. Quad biking tours are a different way of sightseeing: a combination of speed and magnificent beauty around doing its job. All levels of driving are acceptable, but before departure, everyone should present a driver’s license and identity document. The second important rule is a closed pair of shoes for better journey quality and safety. In the Trinquet car park, the guide gives other equipment and instructions. Be on time and prepare all the needed documents in a small bag. The price starts from $144 per person.


Hope now you are inspired enough to detail the plan with several sports activities. Alicante has enough amount of them, so it’s impossible to don’t find something special for yourself. Stay safe and good luck! 

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